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Level Playing Field - A LGBT sports podcast

Jan 22, 2020

Here is audio for the early edit of the upcoming episode.

1st part is Mr Gay Germany Ben Nassler talking about his campaign.

2nd mini bit is Ben talking about gayBundesligas1

3rd bit is Jay Lemonius talking about stonewallUK. We also talk about BAME briefly, I get educated and I think it is good when talking about race...

Oct 8, 2019

There are stats that report that there are about 11% of tackle football players are women. While youth football continues to decline, more and more girls are playing the sport. 

This week I am talking to Holly Custis. Holly has spent over 14 years playing tackle football, playing both sides of the ball and most...

Oct 1, 2019

This weeks episode is my talk with NJ Devils and Prudential Center employee Joe Altenau. I first heard about Joe when he wrote an article for where he spoke about his coming out, how the Pulse nightclub shooting affected him and the call with the You Can Play organization gave him hope.

This episode we...

Sep 24, 2019

I have wanted to talk with Richard Morris for a while but scheduling issues, mainly with me, prevented that chat from happening. A week and a half ago we finally sat down and spoke via Skype for a chat that went through fencing, getting started in auto racing and eventually how a conversation with SportsMedia...

Sep 17, 2019

I have followed Micah for a while on social media and was excited to get him on as a guest on the show. Not only does he have a life that is unique to some as a man who came out in his late 30's after being married for years with two children. He was also a high school coach where he worked with his wife at the time....