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Level Playing Field - A LGBT sports podcast

Jun 11, 2019

As a fan myself of interview/storytelling type podcasts myself, this episodes guest is near the top of favorites for me. I hope you enjoy my interview with former Canadian Olympic speed skater and current host of a CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Company) podcast called 'Players Own Voice. You might find it odd I am plugging another podcast in my own episode but Anastasia does an amazing job on POV. I hope you enjoy my interview with Anastasia on the 11th of June and then head on over to ITunes or where ever you get your podcasts for the season 2 premier of Players Own Voice on June 12.

During our time together we talk about her beginnings in Speed Skating, of course realizing who she is while growing up. We talk about the importance of athletes coming out, not only to help their own well being but also to help others. An example of this is her story meeting the gay Canadian former Olympic Swimmer and champion Mark Tewksbury. Story can be found here is you want to give it a listen:


I am seriously a huge fan of her and her own show, please check it out.

Links below:



Players Own Voice on ITunes:

Photo used for this podcast was taken from the internet and used to advertise her own podcast on CBC.