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Level Playing Field - A LGBT sports podcast

Jul 2, 2019

Over a month ago Andy Brennan came out on Instagram telling the world that he was gay. What is so surprising to me is that it was less than a year that he really accepted who he was. This episode we talk about growing up in Australia with a loving family, playing sports and continuing to progress in his football career. We spoke late last week, and this is coming out only a few short days from recording and right before he scored his first goal and tying the game right before the half. Gully would finish strong and ended up winning this weekend. Congrats to Andy and the team.

Thank you also goes to Matt Johnson for providing the photos for this episode here and on social media.

I enjoyed my chat with Andy and I hope you enjoy listening. He is a great guy so make sure you follow him on his socials listed below. 

You can find Andy on twitter and Instagram at @AndyBrennan36

You can find more of Matt Johnson's photos on Instagram at @mattejohnsonphoto