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Level Playing Field - A LGBT sports podcast

Jun 4, 2019

If you would have told 19 year old me that one day I would be speaking to rugby player and sex symbol Ian Roberts I would have told you that you had a screw loose. Never thought this would have happened but reaching out on twitter and some texts later we set up this interview.

Ian is a wonderful person and I told him I feared talking to him because I was afraid my image of him would be knocked down a bit but after talking to him for over an hour a few weeks ago my admiration and appreciation have gone even higher. He is someone I hope I get to meet in real life one day.

I hope you enjoy our chat where we discuss his sexuality, coming out to family and friends, his teammates and eventually the world. He called it the worse kept secret in rugby but I think it even caught him off guard how big a moment that was, especially for me.

Sorry for bringing up his body more than I ever have a previous guess but the sex symbol thing for me was big. He is wonderful and I truly hope you appreciate what he has to say.