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Level Playing Field - A LGBT sports podcast

Aug 20, 2019

As a kid my family would all go and watch great USA vs USSR volleyball matches and from there I fell in love with the sport. This week I host my second person involved in volleyball when I speak with Oklahoma Assistant volleyball coach Jake Barreau. After we talk about Jake coming out and his volleyball coaching we talk about a few other things important to him. First being his wonderful husband Hunter and their marriage. I also ask about his involvement with Big Brothers Big Sisters and his own "Little",Ian. We end our conversation talking about a Norman, Oklahoma non-profit Among Friends that Jake and Hunter are involved with and how Among Friends helps adults who have additional needs.

During my intro I also ask for people to donate to Among Friends via their facebook donation page, and you can get to the page by following this link:

You can also follow Among Friends on twitter at:

You want to follow Jake on social media, you can do it on twitter and instagram at: