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Level Playing Field - A LGBT sports podcast

Sep 3, 2019

Welcome back to another episode of my podcast. This week's guest was ranked number 1 for years in doubles, won 17 Grand Slam titles, 2 gold medals and now starts a campaign to help Puerto Rico get statehood. Tired of being property of the United States, Gigi and millions of others are beginning a new campaign to achieve statehood for Puerto Rico. In this episode we talk about growing up in PR, her early tennis success, coming out, partnering with greats like Martina Navratilova, gold medal wins and of course many Grand Slam doubles titles. Reaching number 1 in doubles and as high as 17 in singles Gigi definitely had a successful tennis career. 

Special appearance by Gigi's wife Jane Geddes. Jane is a former player on the LPGA tour, was a VP with the WWE and is currently The Legends Tour CEO.


All this and more on this weeks episode. Follow Gigi on twitter to keep up to date with what she is doing.